Saturday Style


Bohemian floral dress by Bluseagal | Gypsy micromacrame necklace by OuiClementine | Wood crystal earrings by rokdarbi | Green raffia bag by OmniaVTG

I am in such a good mood lately because of the lovely summer weather. I only want to wear dresses right now. The bohemian dress from Bluseagal is perfect for warm weather like this! And it’s so pretty, I absolutely love it.

The necklace from OuiClementine is so delicate and gorgeous! I just love how well the green and bronze work together.

I have been a fan of rokdarbi and the seller’s other shop gofenshefer for a long time. The jewelry is so well made and eco friendly to boot. And her product photography is great to look at.

To finish the outfit I chose this cute little bag from OmniaVTG. I have a thing for bags that are made with wood handles. It looks perfect for warm weather.

Okay, now I’m sad because I don’t have any of these items! ūüėõ Look for more outfit inspiration on Star of the East blog!


This “summer” has been absolutely crazy so far. We’ve only had a few warm and sunny days and they were gone way too fast. It really depresses me because I was simply born for warm weather and sunshine. I simply function better when it is warm. During those few sunny days I was very contently working outside under a tree for at least some partial shade so I don’t get a sunburn. Always use sunscreen, kids! Also when you use sunscreen your tan will hold on much longer.


Vintage lace blouse by PierogiPicnic | Embroidered charm bracelet by skrynka | Hot air balloon mobile by TinyLuck | Red ethnic purse by SimplyBoheme

For this week’s outfit I chose for some bright items with a dark background. It was only naturaly that I went with an outfit from Pierogi Picnic. This shop makes excellent fashion by upcycling old clothing and the result is fantastic. Their style is bright and a bit funky and always seems to have loads of personality. If that wasn’t it, they also make use of excellent backgrounds that make you smile when browsing through their shop.

Natalka has the most amazing jewelry in her shop, based on traditional Ukrainian embroidery patterns. Lately she has also been experimenting with even finer and tinier embroidery and the result is gorgeous. Her shop not only has character because everything is handmade and designed by one person, but also because it displays the rich cultural history of craftsmanship of the Ukraine.

I know, it’s not exactly an item you can wear, but I couldn’t resist including the hot air balloon from Ari√ęnne’s shop. It just went so perfectly with the rest of the items. Plus it’s just so incredibly cute! There is just so much detail that goes in every single piece and you can even design one with your own colour combination.

The outfit is finished with this beautiful purse from Simply Boheme. I’m very drawn to this purse as it has that cute ethnic look that I adore and I also love it when two (or more) completely different materials are used together in a complimentary way. Leather is tough and rugged, but it still goes fantastically together with the warmness and softness of patterned fabric. And it compliments the bracelet I also chose for this outfit without making the outfit too busy.

I hope you check out these fabulous shops! For more friday night outfits you can visit Star of the East  blog!

What is Christmas in July? It is a sale meant to spark some interest in handmade and vintage outside the holiday season. This is usually the time of year that sales drop in many shops on Etsy and for entrepeneurs it’s a difficult time to go through. Most see it as an opportunity to work on their shops so that they’re ready for the holiday season. However, preparation doesn’t bring food to the table and that’s how this sales period was born.

Today’s friday night outfit literally coloured by the theme of Christmas in July. I chose a colour that fits both the holiday season as well as the summer. The main colours in fashion for now are pastels and neon, but there is also a lot of purple shining through. For some stroke of luck I was able to find more than enough purple items to feature today. Also a very important fact about today’s post: every single shop featured is holding a sale! Please check out all these shops and read the descriptions to find out if the discount has already been applied or if you need to enter a coupon code. My main shop Katlix Design is also holding a sale until July 28th and everything is discounted 20%.


Paisley ceramic brooch from CeramicFullOfColours | Swirly felt ring by HoodwinkedOriginals | Raspberry leather journal by Baghy
Siamese fighting fish by BarbaraSzepesiSzucs | Book market print by MyMonography | Plantain plantago lanceolata by WatercolorsByMonika
Lilac baby sandals by Hopphopp | Beaded bohemian earrings by HandmadebyValentina | Oversized floral crown by EllaGajewskaHATS

The paisley brooch is a real eye-catcher, but the strong teal tints are wonderfully softened by a purple hue. It reminds me of lilacs and the sea. The swirly statement ring would brighten up any outfits with these bright and strong colours. Big statement rings are totally hot right now and I would definitely recommend this one. The raspberry journal looks so pretty I don’t know if I would dare write in it. But can you imagine how amazing it must look all filled up with your thoughts, memories and ideas?

I am simply mezmerized by the swirly fighter fish and it’s vibrant colours. It reminds me of the fairy tale of the fish that grants wishes. Unlike the book market photograph that makes me feel all nostalgic with its softness. It is the very recognizable feeling of browsing through stacks of books for the perfect copy. I admit, I have a thing for botanical paintings, so I had no problem choosing a print to feature from this shop. The ribwort plaintain is a really beautiful wild flower and it’s captured beautifully here.

The baby sandals are just ridiculously adorable! Imagine how cute they must look along with a pretty summer dress. The bohemian earrings look so very romantic, they would be perfect for an outfit for a picnic or lunch in a cafe. They look very French and sophisticated. Do I need an excuse though for wearing a gorgeous floral crown? I don’t think I do, I don’t think anyone does. This should be standard everyday wear.

Now it’s time for the friday night outfit:

Purple haze

I chose for the soft white dress from StandardVintage to offset all those bright colours and as a clean basis for my palet. The rest of the items are all in puple hues, but not one is the same colour as the other. Nobody likes their outfits to be too mitchy-matchy, right? Also the sleeves are long which fits nicely in this fickle weather of ours. This is also why I added the deep purple scarf from Econicashop for some extra warmth just in case. Dangling from the neck is this gorgeous amethyst necklace from maggiesjewelry. A nice addition to the lace is this crocheted fiber bracelet from LikeFreja. And to truly complete the outfit I chose this very unique looking and simply fabulous round handbag from dishhandbags.

So that is it for now. Like I said, all of the shops featured today are having a July sale, so it is extra worth your time to check them out. If you aching for more inspiration you can find other friday night outfits on Star of the East blog!

Summer picnic

Off to a BBQ today with my boyfriend’s family. So far the weather is not particularly nice, but fairly clouded and windy in fact… However my mood is sunny and bright and that is what inspired me to create this set. A bit of wishful thinking, no?

The vintage party dress from Concetta’s Closet is just absolutely fantastic. I love the floral design. For the rest of the outfit I think plain black is best, nothing too flashy, or else the outfit will become way too busy for the eye. I did choose a fabulous clutch from Star Bags¬†but in a slightly contrasting colour to complement the outfit. It’s just small addition of colour and print that is just different enough from the dress to stand out. Lucie Tales has so many great jewelry items I couldn’t resist adding two of her items. The black hair pins are so delicate that they don’t stand out to much, but add a bit of sparkle. The solaris earrings equally so, very delicate and lots of detail but are sure to catch just enough of the right attention. The sparkle comes back in the cocktail ring from Anthology27, just one big ring should be more than enough for this outfit. And finally I would finish the outfit with a black leather belt from Brooklyn Frock and leave out a necklace.

As I started writing this post the rain has begun pooring down… Great…

Oh well, positive thinking! Find more outfits on Star of the East blog!

This spring is frustrating as hell! We’ve only had a few warm and sunny days in the Netherlands and even the usually warm May month is severely dissappointing. Yesterday on the way home from the supermarket it felt like somebody had thrown a bucket of water over me. When I came home I felt ill and immediately fled to the warm covers of my bed for a nap. And now I actually am ill. Thankfully I haven’t yet put away my winter sweaters. I wish I had one of those ridiculously looking snuggles here.

So this would basically be my ideal situation right now. A nice and warm oversized hoodie, comfy leggings, woolen socks, a cute plushie to cuddle with and loads of pillows around me. I can totally imagine myself wearing this and watching a Game of Thrones marathon. I have lots of episodes to catch up on anyway.

I would also totally wear this all through the weekend.


Wolf hoodie by ButterflyDesigns1 | Forest leggings by Carouselink | Wolf plush by LauraFrisk | Knitted Scandinavain socks by RGideas | Black and pink pillow from Monki | Other pillows from H&M Home

You can find more outfits on Star of the East blog!