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I am so in love with the colour combinations of CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black/key). It dates back to the days that I first started out tinkering with photoshop and graphic designs. I mainly kept busy making signatures (images below someone’s post in a forum). There would usually be trends that came and went. One of them was the CMYK colour combination trend and it definitely stuck! For me these colours will always look hip and retro. So it’s no surprise that they keep sneaking into my  designs.

To prepare for a christmas fair I had all kinds of ideas in my head for what I could offer. Sure, I could always offer what I already have, but making something new is so much more exciting. Plus, I can immediately test out if people like it. Now I’m sure my family means well, and I like getting compliments from them, but hearing thoughts from strangers about my designs is a lot more satisfying. One of the designs I’ve thought up was a simple notebook, with graphic design elements. I wanted it to look funky and retro and wanted to do something subtle in the inside instead of just making a fancy cover. I headed over to photoshop and created a pattern which I printed out in the CMYK colours.

Printed colourful patterns

I was pretty pleased with the result. The pattern naturally forms lined paper, perfect for writing on. And if someone wants to draw or scribble, they can also do this on the blank pages, as I only printed everything out on one side. Now I had to start thinking about the cover. I needed something sturdier and eyecatching and it had to go with the paper inside. I immediately thought of my Hahnemühle tracing paper which I use to sketch out my geometric designs. The paper is sturdy enough and sheer which gives awesome results when printed on.

Hahnemühle tracing paper makes for great effects when printed.

This part was a bit tricky because I had to think about what the printed pattern would look when wrapped around the notebook. They are of A6 size, so only a quarter of the printed paper would be viewable from one size. I probably could have made a design and then mirrored it two times, but I am someone who first does the hard/tedious way a couple of times before I figure out I’m an idiot and I could have done it a lot simpler 😛 I printed out the pattern I already had and some other designs.

Blending in

The different kinds of paper and colours blend in perfectly together.

Bundling everything up

Bundling everything up.

The sheer paper has such an awesome effect when combined with the other patterned papers beneath it. With magenta and cyan I immediately think of anaglyph 3D images you have to look at with the red and blue glasses. Very pleased with the result so far! Now to finish it up. The scary part…

Oh well, that wasn’t so scary!

I gave them a simple finish with some red thread and they are ready to be sold in packs of three.

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