Monday Moodboard


Bohemian floral dress by Bluseagal | Gypsy micromacrame necklace by OuiClementine | Wood crystal earrings by rokdarbi | Green raffia bag by OmniaVTG

I am in such a good mood lately because of the lovely summer weather. I only want to wear dresses right now. The bohemian dress from Bluseagal is perfect for warm weather like this! And it’s so pretty, I absolutely love it.

The necklace from OuiClementine is so delicate and gorgeous! I just love how well the green and bronze work together.

I have been a fan of rokdarbi and the seller’s other shop gofenshefer for a long time. The jewelry is so well made and eco friendly to boot. And her product photography is great to look at.

To finish the outfit I chose this cute little bag from OmniaVTG. I have a thing for bags that are made with wood handles. It looks perfect for warm weather.

Okay, now I’m sad because I don’t have any of these items! 😛 Look for more outfit inspiration on Star of the East blog!


monday moodboard - bicycles

Yellow bicycle photography print by kanpai | Bear on a bicycle t-shirt by darkcycleclothing | Cycle case by fluxproductions | Grey and yellow bike iPhone case by hhprint

I’ve been really trying my best to use my bike more instead of using public transportation the last few weeks. I was unable to use my bike for a while because I broke my wrist in March. It still hurts, but I’m able to put weight on it now. Since then I’ve been looking for ways to improve my bike. I’ve already bought a basket, but it doesn’t look really pretty because it does not really fit the unique shape of my bike. So I fastened it with tie wraps! It’s still practical, but I’ll have to keep an eye out on something better.

The photograph by Sara from the shop kanpai really caught my eye. I like the bright colours of the yellow bike and the red letters set against the grey wall. She made great use of the negative space, it’s minimalistic but intricate at the same time.

The shirt from darkcycleclothing has been on my favourites list for a long time now, and I still absolutely love it! It’s so quirky and funny and I especially love the bear’s expression. Go check their shop out, it’s filled with fun shirt designs!

My bike has a high top bar, so a bag like the one from Ryan’s shop fluxproductions would be perfect for me. I think it’s a great use of space and it helps preserve the identity of older style bikes.

Lastly there is the cute iPhone case from hhprint to really show your love for cycling to the world. The design has an interesting cut-out and lovely colours.


Kissing Art Print by EinBierBitte | Run Wild My Heart Bowl by InkBandit | Grey horsefly tank top by nikacollection | Triangles Pack of illustrated wooden brooches by depeapa

I love illustrations! I love cute ones, abstract ones, weird ones, in all kinds of sizes, shapes and colour combinations. To me they are such a free form of art, not constraint to any rules.

Gergina has lovely inspirational prints in her store with great colour schemes. I especially adore this cute kitten with the original German text. (remember my love for cat prints?) I think it has great personality and the text just goes perfect with it.

Claudette has fantastic ceramics in her store. It’s so cute and funky and fun and crafty and amazing all at the same time 😀 If I could afford it I would buy a whole dining set! I can only imagine how happy your day would start with her plates, bowls and mugs. Her style is just right up my alley with the intricate black lines and splashes of colour here and there.

Nesrin runs a great store with all kinds of illustrated and printed shirts. They are colourful, unique, fashionable and really stand out. I especially love the designs in which different patterns and images are perfectly layered over eachother. And the quality really seems good with very bright colours.

Veronica seems to be illustrating everything she can get her hands on. Her store features jewelry, shirts, notebooks, prints, mirrors, trays, backpacks, tea towels and all with her designs printed on them. How cool is that! She has a sweet and quirky style with geometric elements and subtle pastel colours.

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Lively fashion

Black Maxi Dress by PIOOPIOOlabel | Brown Wool Hooded Cowl by denizgunes | Kalevala Koru Necklace by Andolinaswishes | Lantern Earrings by MagpiesShop

This week I wanted to look at how good products can look on modeled pictures. The listing that spiked my interest to make a treasury and moodboard out of this was the absolutely stunning and unique product pictures from Mor’s shop PIOOPIOOlabel. I absolutely love the illustrations she puts in the pictures. In fact, I think they could stand alone as prints. Once you’ve been in her shop once, you will always recognise her products and that’s when you know you’ve built a powerful brand identity.

Ayasa makes good use of a talented model in her shop full of knitted fashion. I love this picture, it’s so dreamy and full of life. The models in the most of the pictures are smiling and it sets a great mood. In this particular picture the product shown comes out looking great and far better than if it would not be modeled.

Had Marina not have this necklace modeled, it would have gone unnoticed in her vintage shop Andonlina’s Wishes. She really shows the necklace in the best light and the classic velvet dress goes perfect with it. With vintage jewelry in particular I think it’s important to model them properly because it’s very difficult to imagine them in combination with modern clothing. As shown here the piece is timeless.

The styling in Marta’s picture is impeccable. From the clothing to the hair and make-up to the slightly dark background to the model’s expression. In fact a lot of pictures in the Magpies Shop are very strong and dramatic. I especially like the professional lighting in her pictures.

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My favourite things

Azul earrings by LucieTales | Mr Ragdoll Cat by SandraDieckmann | Chandelier crystal necklace by amalaba | Custom pet pillow by bl0emetje

Since December has started I think it’s finally time to start talking about Christmas. I really don’t like starting too early with Christmas thoughts. Last year I saw Christmas decoration as early as 30th of August! What a horror! And it usually results in being completely tired of all the decorations and songs before it has even started. That’s why I try to avoid talking about it until December. The  only  topic I will allow to start earlier is the yearly Christmas dinner. I just love food and thinking about food! 😛

Now for this moodboard I have made a selection of my Etsy wishlist. Please do check out the entire treasury here. Every single item I absolutely adore and would love to get as a gift (or if I had the money I would buy it as a gift for myself!)

I love how Lucie plays with metal and treatment of metal in her jewelry designs in her LucieTales shop. The patina always comes out in such wonderful and vivid colours. I also like that while the designs are very delicate and feminine, the metal keeps a bit of roughness and the combination of the fine and the rough go great together.

I really like cats in general, I don’t make a big secret out if it. I probably have all the potential in me to become a crazy cat lady 😛 So I generally also really like cat prints (remember my awesome exchange with Zyzanna?) and this is a gorgeous one as well in all the little details. I really like how Sandra has this graphic style in her art store with the abstract scribbles, zigzags and triangles. They truly make her art unique and transform the drawing of the ragdoll cat in something truly special.

There are lots of things I like about Joana’s necklace. I like how she, like Lucie, incorporates antique and vintage items in her jewelry and gives them a new life. Her store offers more upcycled products, but this one is definitely my favourite. I like the Victorian style with the chain going under the pendant, the delicacy and the flashy (but not overly so) crystal. It’s simple, but striking. It would go great with a 20s style outfit.

Jilke has one of the most original product lines on Etsy. There, I said it. I am in love with her idea of turning pet photographs into actual pillows! And not only that, they look really well made. Wouldn’t it be incredibly special to turn a dear and deceased pet into a pillow, so you can hug them when you miss them the most? I certainly still miss my cat, even though it has been years since he passed away. He was one of my best friends growing up and I would love to hug him sometimes.

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Pumped up kicks

Ferris Wheel print by oohprettyshiney | No risk no fun by OipsStore | Pow comic blast ring by ShebboDesign | Vintage running sneakers by SoYesterdaySoCool

First a quick reminder that I’m still offering free shipping for cyber monday for my shops Katlix Design and Proverbial Productions with the coupon code thanks2012.

And you still have until saturday to participate in my music as a muse giveaway quiz! You can win a set of handmade goodies that aren’t even for sale yet!

To stay on the topic of music as a muse, for this week’s monday moodboard I have been inspired by the song Pumped up kicks by Foster The People. It’s a super catchy song with a happy melody, though with a text that has a serious and dark undertone. I wanted to use this contrast in my treasury as well: of the carefree and fun aspects of youth as well as some darker aspects with the guns and bullets.

The photo print by Laura from oohprettyshiney was perfect for my idea. I’m in love with carnival pictures and she has quite a few lovely examples in her store. For me carnivals have something old-fashioned, and should stay that way and not try to modernize too much. In a carousel I would choose old wooden horses over brightly coloured plastic random objects any time.

The “No Risk No Fun” print by Oldamik from OipsStore really captures the recklessness of being young and stupid and having fun. It’s very simple and minimalistic, but holds a strong message. It fits in very nicely with my theme of the day.

These rings by Sebnem from ShebboDesign are so cute and funny! I could repeat an infinite amount of times how much I love them! And her store has even more quirky and funny handpainted stuff. It was very hard to choose, but these are my favourite.

It’s amazing how good a condition the running shoes from Sirli’s vintage shop SoYesterdaySoCool are in. How cool is it that she found such an old and unused pair of shoes! And the style is truly timeless. Unfortunately they are slightly too large a size for me, otherwise they would definitely be on my wishlist.

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A bear walks into a forest...

Blue bird photo by alekaki | Rabbit on porcelain mug by madrab | Willow tree bunny by ILaBoom | Mr Fox plushie by PocketsOfArt

I know, with this moodboard the title doesn’t make much sense! But if you click on the image it will take you to the treasury where the title does make sense! It was inspired by the illustration of the bear with an owl on his head. I wanted a more calm treasury this time, but of course I can’t resist little illustrated details.

Calm is the exact embodiement of the photograph by Aleka. In her shop she has lots of nature photography to choose from, but this one is my favourite. It’s very simple and delicate, but beautiful nonetheless. Less is more as they say, and it certainly holds true for this photograph.

Have you ever read the book or seen the animated film “Watership Down” by Douglas Adams? I absolutely adore the book and I’ve read it many times as well as the sequel with short stories. This mug immediately reminds me of this beautiful tale. I cannot believe this is directly painted on the mug! I’ve experimented with painting/drawing on ceramics and it’s such a pain in the ass. So I cannot believe the amount of detail Mara is able to achieve. Please check out the rest of her store for more fantastic artwork.

Tatiana is a shadow box making star! She has so many different kinds of dioramas in her shop that it’s truly a treat to go through them all. I love how most of them have these funny captions or short story banners. Together they make a wonderful collection of curiosities.

Kate and Tori make and sell all kinds of things, from jewelry to decor and from vintage to toys. My favourite shop section however is their collection of plushies. They are just too adorable. And how can you but not adore the graphical elements they’ve made with hand stitching! I’m in love…

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