A tiny bit of sunshine after the rain

This “summer” has been absolutely crazy so far. We’ve only had a few warm and sunny days and they were gone way too fast. It really depresses me because I was simply born for warm weather and sunshine. I simply function better when it is warm. During those few sunny days I was very contently working outside under a tree for at least some partial shade so I don’t get a sunburn. Always use sunscreen, kids! Also when you use sunscreen your tan will hold on much longer.


Vintage lace blouse by PierogiPicnic | Embroidered charm bracelet by skrynka | Hot air balloon mobile by TinyLuck | Red ethnic purse by SimplyBoheme

For this week’s outfit I chose for some bright items with a dark background. It was only naturaly that I went with an outfit from Pierogi Picnic. This shop makes excellent fashion by upcycling old clothing and the result is fantastic. Their style is bright and a bit funky and always seems to have loads of personality. If that wasn’t it, they also make use of excellent backgrounds that make you smile when browsing through their shop.

Natalka has the most amazing jewelry in her shop, based on traditional Ukrainian embroidery patterns. Lately she has also been experimenting with even finer and tinier embroidery and the result is gorgeous. Her shop not only has character because everything is handmade and designed by one person, but also because it displays the rich cultural history of craftsmanship of the Ukraine.

I know, it’s not exactly an item you can wear, but I couldn’t resist including the hot air balloon from Ariënne’s shop. It just went so perfectly with the rest of the items. Plus it’s just so incredibly cute! There is just so much detail that goes in every single piece and you can even design one with your own colour combination.

The outfit is finished with this beautiful purse from Simply Boheme. I’m very drawn to this purse as it has that cute ethnic look that I adore and I also love it when two (or more) completely different materials are used together in a complimentary way. Leather is tough and rugged, but it still goes fantastically together with the warmness and softness of patterned fabric. And it compliments the bracelet I also chose for this outfit without making the outfit too busy.

I hope you check out these fabulous shops! For more friday night outfits you can visit Star of the East  blog!

  1. Natalka said:

    thanks for featuring my bracelet, Aljona! And for your kind words 🙂

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