Craft Party

Some very exciting news this week: June 20th is the international Etsy Craft Day! All around the world people are organizing crafting parties and little get-togethers. You can search for a party in your area on Eventbrite. I am helping with the hosting of a craft party in Amsterdam and will even give a workshop myself. The theme of our craft party is Reuseability & Recycling. Don’t be deterred by all the Dutch, practically everyone there will speak English as well and I myself will provide instruction sheets in both English and Dutch.

Ever since I have started Foregone Finds I had the aim of using and reusing as much of the old and fallen apart books as possible. I never threw anything away asides from scraps. I already started a line of original paintings that I’ve used the book pages for. However, there is still so many possibilities to recycle the text from those books. That is how I came up with my mini story books!

story books from recycled paper

They are ridiculously easy to make (I will post a tutorial after the craft party is over), with a minimum of supplies needed. They can be as simple as a folded paper sheet with some writing or drawing on it or as intricate as tiny scrap books. You can make a single booklet with six pages + the cover or you can bind several booklets toegether and make a longer story. They are cute, versatile and are perfect as a little snail mail treasure. The text in this particular story book is cut from left-over pages of the old books.

Helping to host this craft party made me think back of all the crafting events I attended myself. I will admit, I was a bit nervous and stand-offish  to go. I had no idea what to expect. But since it was in my home town I forced myself to attend and had loads of fun and met many new people. Even if the workshop itself is not quite up your alley, you’ll always learn something new and there are loads of people to have a nice chat with. Above all, crafting events are great ways to establish a sense of community and to promote creativity.

I hope I’ll see you there! You can come by at any time, the workshops are given continuously from 16:30 to 19:30 at Storm Space at Swammerdamstraat 44. Other workshops hosted are:

– Make your own zpagetti from old shirts with tutorials to make bracelets with Maggie Again and heart shaped decoration with Le Chat Crochet
– Spread some joy by making your own feel good cards with Kim’s Little Monsters
– Reuse glasses and pots by painting them with Byvala

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  1. Very excited to learn this!! looking forward to seeing you there!!

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