Summer picnic

Summer picnic

Off to a BBQ today with my boyfriend’s family. So far the weather is not particularly nice, but fairly clouded and windy in fact… However my mood is sunny and bright and that is what inspired me to create this set. A bit of wishful thinking, no?

The vintage party dress from Concetta’s Closet is just absolutely fantastic. I love the floral design. For the rest of the outfit I think plain black is best, nothing too flashy, or else the outfit will become way too busy for the eye. I did choose a fabulous clutch from Star Bags but in a slightly contrasting colour to complement the outfit. It’s just small addition of colour and print that is just different enough from the dress to stand out. Lucie Tales has so many great jewelry items I couldn’t resist adding two of her items. The black hair pins are so delicate that they don’t stand out to much, but add a bit of sparkle. The solaris earrings equally so, very delicate and lots of detail but are sure to catch just enough of the right attention. The sparkle comes back in the cocktail ring from Anthology27, just one big ring should be more than enough for this outfit. And finally I would finish the outfit with a black leather belt from Brooklyn Frock and leave out a necklace.

As I started writing this post the rain has begun pooring down… Great…

Oh well, positive thinking! Find more outfits on Star of the East blog!

  1. Fantastic choices Aljona! I like the vintage hints!
    Thank you so much 😀

  2. Zina said:

    so romantic!!! like 60s!
    I love it!

  3. Ruusu said:

    Wow, love it! Roses are my favorites. 🙂

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