Screw this weather

This spring is frustrating as hell! We’ve only had a few warm and sunny days in the Netherlands and even the usually warm May month is severely dissappointing. Yesterday on the way home from the supermarket it felt like somebody had thrown a bucket of water over me. When I came home I felt ill and immediately fled to the warm covers of my bed for a nap. And now I actually am ill. Thankfully I haven’t yet put away my winter sweaters. I wish I had one of those ridiculously looking snuggles here.

So this would basically be my ideal situation right now. A nice and warm oversized hoodie, comfy leggings, woolen socks, a cute plushie to cuddle with and loads of pillows around me. I can totally imagine myself wearing this and watching a Game of Thrones marathon. I have lots of episodes to catch up on anyway.

I would also totally wear this all through the weekend.


Wolf hoodie by ButterflyDesigns1 | Forest leggings by Carouselink | Wolf plush by LauraFrisk | Knitted Scandinavain socks by RGideas | Black and pink pillow from Monki | Other pillows from H&M Home

You can find more outfits on Star of the East blog!

  1. If it’s comforting, the fire is burning in the stove and I have a woolen jumper on….

    • katlix said:

      Oh I would love to live in a house with a fireplace! Those are just so cozy and perfect to sit nearby and read a book.

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