Sunday Tea Story – Pictures of Utrecht

Lately I have become very interested in finding pen pals and send good old snail mail to each other. I guess I have Giova of One Bunting Away to thank for this. She often posts interesting projects and DIYs that are snail mail related. So I set out to find like-minded people from all over the world to exchange mail and crafts with. One thing I really wanted to do is show my new friends the city I life in.  I don’t really love Utrecht all that much, it’s too crowded for me. But that doesn’t mean the city isn’t beautiful and very diverse.

I first set out to the outskirts to show a little of the country-side and forest around Utrecht.


I live on the edge of Utrecht and I love it there. Right outside my building there are fields where sheep are kept. Every spring I can enjoy the little lambs running around. There are also lots and lots of rabbits where I live. They are everywhere!


You don’t need to bike or walk far to end up in the country side!

Now of course it’s completely different when you go towards the centre. Utrecht is an old city, so lots of old buildings.


This is pretty much the view in the centre. There are canals everywhere (though not as many as in Amsterdam) and the streets are narrow. Most streets are one-way only because there simply isn’t enough room for cars to pass each other!


The Dom Tower is seen from every side. I can even see it from my bedroom window even though the tower is over 3 km away in a straight line. It’s a great navigation point too.


Of course no Dutch city is without its bikes. Though the cities that are renown for having lots of students also have more bikes on average. And they are seriously everywhere! Lots of bikes end up in the canal, so I don’t dare leave my bike in the centre for more than a day. And it’s also very important to lock your bike with big chain locks.

All in all it was pretty interesting to walk through town and trying to look at the city through the eyes of someone who isn’t familiar with Dutch architecture.


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