Monday Moodboard – Delicious Illustrations


Kissing Art Print by EinBierBitte | Run Wild My Heart Bowl by InkBandit | Grey horsefly tank top by nikacollection | Triangles Pack of illustrated wooden brooches by depeapa

I love illustrations! I love cute ones, abstract ones, weird ones, in all kinds of sizes, shapes and colour combinations. To me they are such a free form of art, not constraint to any rules.

Gergina has lovely inspirational prints in her store with great colour schemes. I especially adore this cute kitten with the original German text. (remember my love for cat prints?) I think it has great personality and the text just goes perfect with it.

Claudette has fantastic ceramics in her store. It’s so cute and funky and fun and crafty and amazing all at the same time 😀 If I could afford it I would buy a whole dining set! I can only imagine how happy your day would start with her plates, bowls and mugs. Her style is just right up my alley with the intricate black lines and splashes of colour here and there.

Nesrin runs a great store with all kinds of illustrated and printed shirts. They are colourful, unique, fashionable and really stand out. I especially love the designs in which different patterns and images are perfectly layered over eachother. And the quality really seems good with very bright colours.

Veronica seems to be illustrating everything she can get her hands on. Her store features jewelry, shirts, notebooks, prints, mirrors, trays, backpacks, tea towels and all with her designs printed on them. How cool is that! She has a sweet and quirky style with geometric elements and subtle pastel colours.

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  1. Elena said:

    Love cats(!) and illustrations!)
    very interesting shops you’ve found!!

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