Monday Moodboard – Lively Fashion

Lively fashion

Black Maxi Dress by PIOOPIOOlabel | Brown Wool Hooded Cowl by denizgunes | Kalevala Koru Necklace by Andolinaswishes | Lantern Earrings by MagpiesShop

This week I wanted to look at how good products can look on modeled pictures. The listing that spiked my interest to make a treasury and moodboard out of this was the absolutely stunning and unique product pictures from Mor’s shop PIOOPIOOlabel. I absolutely love the illustrations she puts in the pictures. In fact, I think they could stand alone as prints. Once you’ve been in her shop once, you will always recognise her products and that’s when you know you’ve built a powerful brand identity.

Ayasa makes good use of a talented model in her shop full of knitted fashion. I love this picture, it’s so dreamy and full of life. The models in the most of the pictures are smiling and it sets a great mood. In this particular picture the product shown comes out looking great and far better than if it would not be modeled.

Had Marina not have this necklace modeled, it would have gone unnoticed in her vintage shop Andonlina’s Wishes. She really shows the necklace in the best light and the classic velvet dress goes perfect with it. With vintage jewelry in particular I think it’s important to model them properly because it’s very difficult to imagine them in combination with modern clothing. As shown here the piece is timeless.

The styling in Marta’s picture is impeccable. From the clothing to the hair and make-up to the slightly dark background to the model’s expression. In fact a lot of pictures in the Magpies Shop are very strong and dramatic. I especially like the professional lighting in her pictures.

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  1. modeled photos are both amazing and difficult to get right!
    the outcome can be great or just plain average, I think it takes a lot of practice and a good eye to get the right shot.
    the photos you picked are truly some of the best I’ve seen, well done to the shops and to you for picking them 🙂

  2. Marta said:

    Lovely! Thanks so much 🙂

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