Sunday Tea Story – Music as a muse quiz answers

Last sunday I announced a giveaway quiz where you had to guess which songs I listened to when creating my art. Unfortunately only one person entered :p (Okay, my boyfriend wanted to enter too, but I didn’t let him because he already pretty much new all the answers) But that’s okay, because Estella guessed everything right! Congrats! So for this tea story post I thought I would give some background information on my artworks.

1. Anger ScreamsBlack Strobe – I’m a man

Anger Screams

I’m a fan of Guy Richie movies. When Rock’n’Rolla came out I went to see it in the theatres. Then the next day it was on in the living room I watched it again 😛 I was really impressed with the opening sequence with the song “I’m a man” and absolutely loved the grungy style! I was really inspired and wanted to give my own twist to it.

2. Heaven is just a drop awayMuse – Knights of Cydonia

Heaven is just a drop away

I saw this amazing stock photo by M. J. Ranum that I just had to use. In the description he plead for it to not be turned into a boring angel. So I made a beer angel out of her! The Muse song was perfect to listen to when creating this piece.

3. Evolution of NatureBjörk – It’s oh so quiet

Evolution of Nature

I was participating in a long and winding competition that lasted for half a year with new submissions every week. The theme of that week was nature. I really love dandelion petals and the idea they can travel very far away and the idea just came to me.

4. The Rainbow SamuraiDJ Okawari – Bluebird story

The Rainbow Samurai

This artwork was made for the same contest and the inspiration for it all started with this tutorial. As you can see the result looks nothing like the tutorial 😛 But I really liked the retro style and the use of a toy. I used my own cat keychain and my roommate’s samurai figurine to make the final piece. The song is a real delight and I love how it’s kind of jazzy and more traditional Japanese influences.

5. AmphitriteClint Mansell – Lux Aeterna


I wanted to make something grand and dramatic. There is no music more dramatic than the Lux Aeterna. I love it so! It was perfect for making this Greek goddess of the sea. I like how vector and vexel art is made with layers of shapes on top of each other. It reminds me of height maps. So I made the goddess part of the sea surface.

6. Gloria | Mando Diao – Gloria


This was obviously the easiest one! When the song came out I was listening to it all the time. Then I saw an amazing stock photograph of a gorgeous red head with a beautiful and strong expression and I immediately thought of the song. I used a watercolour tutorial on negative space I was eager to try out and this was the result.

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  1. Yaaay happy that I won 🙂

    The rainbow Samural is totally awesome, nice to find some facts behind them all 🙂

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