Monday Moodboard – Pumped up kicks

Pumped up kicks

Ferris Wheel print by oohprettyshiney | No risk no fun by OipsStore | Pow comic blast ring by ShebboDesign | Vintage running sneakers by SoYesterdaySoCool

First a quick reminder that I’m still offering free shipping for cyber monday for my shops Katlix Design and Proverbial Productions with the coupon code thanks2012.

And you still have until saturday to participate in my music as a muse giveaway quiz! You can win a set of handmade goodies that aren’t even for sale yet!

To stay on the topic of music as a muse, for this week’s monday moodboard I have been inspired by the song Pumped up kicks by Foster The People. It’s a super catchy song with a happy melody, though with a text that has a serious and dark undertone. I wanted to use this contrast in my treasury as well: of the carefree and fun aspects of youth as well as some darker aspects with the guns and bullets.

The photo print by Laura from oohprettyshiney was perfect for my idea. I’m in love with carnival pictures and she has quite a few lovely examples in her store. For me carnivals have something old-fashioned, and should stay that way and not try to modernize too much. In a carousel I would choose old wooden horses over brightly coloured plastic random objects any time.

The “No Risk No Fun” print by Oldamik from OipsStore really captures the recklessness of being young and stupid and having fun. It’s very simple and minimalistic, but holds a strong message. It fits in very nicely with my theme of the day.

These rings by Sebnem from ShebboDesign are so cute and funny! I could repeat an infinite amount of times how much I love them! And her store has even more quirky and funny handpainted stuff. It was very hard to choose, but these are my favourite.

It’s amazing how good a condition the running shoes from Sirli’s vintage shop SoYesterdaySoCool are in. How cool is it that she found such an old and unused pair of shoes! And the style is truly timeless. Unfortunately they are slightly too large a size for me, otherwise they would definitely be on my wishlist.

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  1. Sirli said:

    So cool, thank you Aljona :))

  2. Freja said:

    great mood and fun choices!

  3. alekaki said:

    cool picks! and I love your music choice too 🙂

  4. Your monday moodboard is super cool! Love this mood! And big thanks for featuring my “pow” comic ring in your mood! Thank you so so much!
    Sebnem aka shebbodesign

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