Sunday Tea Story – Mobile photography

Checking in from not always sunny but at least a lot warmer Mallorca! My mom, sister and I arrived yesterday morning and have already done a ton of things for our girls-mini-vacation. We explored the town we’re staying in. Which was kind of creepy because the place is deserted! It’s pretty clear we are staying at party central, because almost everything was closed. It must be obnoxioulsy busy during the high season. It’s so weird to walk around this place and hardly see a soul on the streets.


The seagulls didn’t seem to mind the absence of tourists.

Then after that we went to do an important activity: shopping! There is a nice outlet with designer brands. The wares are still a bit pricey but I’ve bought a few amazing items for good prices. There is some more shopping to do tomorrow (like I said, a very important actiivity on our girl-mini-vacations), but for now I would like to talk about what we did today. We took the rented car and drove around the coast line. It was absolutely amazing! I can only imagine how much fun my boyfriend would have with all those curved roads 😛

Spanish villa

But back to the sight-seeing! The views were absolutely amazing and the water has such a beautiful colour. Now usually I would bring my DSLR with me on trips because I know I like making pictures and will always kick myself in the head when I don’t bring my camera with me but want to capture something. So I drag that thing around with me even though it’s heavy and I usually don’t have a lot of time for picture taking (because the most important activity is shopping). This time however I decided to rely on my phone camera. When my cell phone subscription ended I got to choose a new phone with a new subscription. I researched a lot of possibilities, but eventually decided the Sony Xperia S because of the camera function. What I really love about this phone is that I can acitvate my camera function with one push on a button. The camera itself is pretty good as well for a point-and-shoot (of course the quality will never be as good as that of a DSLR) and it’s just easy to take with me and take it out.


My mom and sister stealing olives from someone’s garden. Karma got them because they were very bitter and yuckie according to my sister 😛

It turns on very quickly and aside from not having an optical zoom it perfoms rather well. There were a few moments on this trip in which a DSLR would have been a lot better since the lighting, colours and zoom would be better. But at least two of those three can be fixed in photoshop and I never post unedited pictures anyway. So in the end it’s no extra hassle.


The sky is fifty shades of grey (sorry, couldn’t resist it) but the sea is blue.

What I’m left with is more space and weight allowance in my suitcase and decent holiday shots. Would the focus of the vacation be on sight seeing and hiking I would have probably preferred my DSLR for its quality and the ability to play a bit more. But for quick and easy picture taking to save some momentums the phone camera was more than adequate. All the pictures of todays blog posts are made with my camera on this trip and are completely unedited.

    • katlix said:

      I will, once I’m home 🙂 So far it’s two dresses, a vest and a bracelet (40 euros total). And I have my eyes on a pair of boots, they have a horse riding boots style.

  1. Elena said:

    Amazing post! Thank you Aljona for sharing with us your amazing Mallorca vacation!!!)

  2. Zuzu said:

    Ah I love your Sunday Stories.
    My brain is dead and therefore nothing more will be said.

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