Sunday Tea Story – Shoes

I can be a stubborn person. I can also be pretty impulsive and not always think things through. A combination of these two character traits have led to some (in hindsight) pretty hilarious incidents. Everyone has buyer’s remorse once in a while. I have a few of my own. Denim boots (they seemed so great, until I realised that denim boots do not mix well with jeans), gold pants (not even “in your face”-gold, more like a golden shine on dark blue jeans), fake fur coat (though admittedly, I looked friggin’ adorable) etc.. But the situation I have in mind is something else entirely.


Yup, so here’s me, looking like a teddy bear.

My mom, my sister and I take city trips together. Short little vacations that usually consist of culture, shopping, relaxing or a combination of those things. But usually lots of shopping. The trip I have in mind took place in Brussels. We were staying in a 5-star hotel in a small town outside of Brussels that was supposed to have this wellness area. When we arrived the area and the hotel looked absolutely gorgeous. The wellness area… did have some resemblence with the pictures and looked very fancy, except… it was so tiny! The pool was so small that it was crowded with three people in it. With a few strokes you’d already be at the other side.

Tiniest pool ever

What’s this, a pool for ants?

So instead of combining shopping with wellness, we combined shopping with shopping. The first day I had seen a beautiful bag and I was already kicking myself for not buying it, so the second day of shopping I bought it. I also bought a pair of ankle boots. I was a bit in a hurry because my mom and sister were waiting for me. So I only tried one shoe on it was the display shoe) and was satisfied so I grabbed a box of a pair in my size with a quick check that both the boots were in there.

That however was all I checked. Big mistake.

When I came home I wanted to try them on to see how they looked with an outfit and I found out my mistake. I had a pair of shoes in different sizes. The right one was my size, 37, the left one however was size 36! I facepalmed myself so hard at that moment of discovery… But like I said, I am really stubborn. No way I’m going to let this pair just rot away! So bravely I put them on anyway because I could get the smaller one on. No problem, right? No one is going to notice it, right?

Oh yes, someone noticed. I noticed it big time.

While I’m used to buying shoes that are more suitable for admiring and sitting instead of walking, this was something else entirely. My left foot was so incredibly cramped in the boot that I was in terrible pain after a mere 15 minutes. I was ready to chew my foot off. But I remained stubborn and kept wearing them for when I had to go to class so I knew I’d mostly be sitting anyway. Over time the left boot stretched and though it was still a bit tighter than the other one, but thankfully not so painful anymore. My stubbornness paid off, sort of.

Now the soles of both shoes have cracked and I discovered that while walking through the rain. Of course I’m still going to wear them. I like the design way too much! I’ll just have to check the weather forecast and avoid puddles.

  1. Alj, you crack me up every time like the soles of your shoes :D. Btw, didn’t you ever think about taking them back and getting them replaced? I’m sure they would have been happy too, seeing that now they also had a mismatched pair πŸ˜€

    • katlix said:

      Remember the part where I said I bought them on a trip? Yeah, no way I’m going back to Brussels just for a pair of cheap boots. Besides I bought them at one of these temporary shoe stores, I didn’t even get a receipt.

  2. sorina said:

    :-DDDD That’s all I can say!!!!

  3. Zuzu said:

    Haha, this is brilliant πŸ˜‰ could ou not have gone back to the shop? πŸ˜› Although chances are someone else already had the size 37….

    • katlix said:

      No I only found out when I was back at home πŸ˜› For that price the trip back to another country was not worth it… Plus, my shame and subbornness prevented me from admitting my failure πŸ˜›

  4. Ah, right, okay, you wrote you went back home! I somehow read that you went back to the hotel! Well… πŸ˜€

    I forgot to say how much I like the teddy bear you :DDD I can’t imagine you as a kid, to be honest! you must have had a lot to say! πŸ˜€

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