Monday Moodboard – So a bear walks into a forest…

A bear walks into a forest...

Blue bird photo by alekaki | Rabbit on porcelain mug by madrab | Willow tree bunny by ILaBoom | Mr Fox plushie by PocketsOfArt

I know, with this moodboard the title doesn’t make much sense! But if you click on the image it will take you to the treasury where the title does make sense! It was inspired by the illustration of the bear with an owl on his head. I wanted a more calm treasury this time, but of course I can’t resist little illustrated details.

Calm is the exact embodiement of the photograph by Aleka. In her shop she has lots of nature photography to choose from, but this one is my favourite. It’s very simple and delicate, but beautiful nonetheless. Less is more as they say, and it certainly holds true for this photograph.

Have you ever read the book or seen the animated film “Watership Down” by Douglas Adams? I absolutely adore the book and I’ve read it many times as well as the sequel with short stories. This mug immediately reminds me of this beautiful tale. I cannot believe this is directly painted on the mug! I’ve experimented with painting/drawing on ceramics and it’s such a pain in the ass. So I cannot believe the amount of detail Mara is able to achieve. Please check out the rest of her store for more fantastic artwork.

Tatiana is a shadow box making star! She has so many different kinds of dioramas in her shop that it’s truly a treat to go through them all. I love how most of them have these funny captions or short story banners. Together they make a wonderful collection of curiosities.

Kate and Tori make and sell all kinds of things, from jewelry to decor and from vintage to toys. My favourite shop section however is their collection of plushies. They are just too adorable. And how can you but not adore the graphical elements they’ve made with hand stitching! I’m in love…

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  1. Many many thanks form Kate and the Pockets of Art 😉 You simply made my day!

  2. Mary said:

    so lovely finds! 🙂

  3. alekaki said:

    fantastic board! thank you so much for including my photo, I’m so happy to be surrounded by my favorite artists 🙂

  4. Lucia Call me Mimì said:

    Adorable Moodboard !
    I’m totally in love with that mug !!!

  5. Freja said:

    Perfection! I like how you say something for the artists!

  6. ooo so here are the cray rabbits from my moodboard! They’ve come all to your blog to have some fun over here 😛

    • katlix said:

      I take no responsibility for stealing the rabbits! 😛

      • Sure, sure you lured them with carrots pie and other good stuff that you know to do 😛

      • katlix said:


  7. that’s a very humorous title! I’ve been prepared to read a silly joke, but these images are even better!

  8. alekaki said:

    amazing board! thank you so much for including me in it as well as the treasury, it is definitely one of my favorites!

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