Monday Moodboard – Botanical


Pink Ranunculus 3 by DUEALBERI | Fly on Stachys Leaf by PhotoByMADA | Matchbook notepads by LaMiaCasaNelVento | Embroidered coin purse by TheBlueRabbitHouse

This week my inspiration came from the gorgeous botanical prints from Antonia and Fabio of DUEALBERI. I really love how the prints look like something between pressed flower collages and botanical drawings. Each and every print is a treasure for the eye. Their art has a range from romantic to to zen, from vintage to vibrant: their style is truly unique!

Mada was already quite an accomplished decoupage jewelry maker when she opened her PhotoByMADA shop. And it’s quite clear that she excels in both her crafts. Her photography is extremely bright and vibrant and I love all the little colour variations you can see in the details. She seems to be able to capture all the colours in a single shot.

Let’s just be clear here: the tiny notepads Maria is selling in her LaMiaCasaNelVento shop are extremely cute! I also love that if you place the notepads next to each other a bigger image emerges. It’s truly a wonderful product and excellently made.

I have been a fan of Eva’s embroidered coin purses and her product photography for a while now, so I could not resist including her shop TheBlueRabbitHouse in this mood board. At the moment she is working on her inventory, but you can follow the latest news of her craftsmanship on her blog. Please take a look at the gorgeous tiny details she puts in her work.

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  1. Freja said:

    Fresh as a new start:) Have a great week!

  2. Thank you so much, dear Aljona, for the great feature and for your kind words! We are honored šŸ™‚ Antonia and Fabio

    • katlix said:

      Oh hush, you guys know you deserve it šŸ˜‰

  3. I love how you’ve taken little bits of nature and you putted all together in this wonderful post! Different yet a unitar post! Congrats Aljona!!!

  4. Maria said:

    Hello and sorry for the delay! I was in Rome for a few days!
    I came back recently.
    I just read your message!
    Thank you! Surprise that makes me happy!!!!

    Maria {La mia casa nel vento}

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