Sunday Tea Story – Hamsters

Another little snippet from my life. I have always been a cat person. I just love how they all have their own little personalities, usually keep to themselves, but can also be absolutely cuddly! Or maybe I just like them so much because we share some similar interests: the love for lazyness and warmth.  When I moved out of my parents’ house to go to university I had to adjust to life without a furry friend around. It is just so weird how empty a room can seem if you’re the only one living in it. After a few years I decided to get a pet. Unfortunately a cat was out of the question (too little space, too much responsibility) and I opted for hamsters.

Enter the hamster

I have always loved hamsters because they are just these little balls of fluff. To me they are way cuter than other small critters like mice, rats, guinea pigs, bunnies or chinchillas. Also they are pretty easy in upkeep. And really, who could say “no” to those big black beady eyes? And the way they stuff food into their cheeks? I am not even mentioning the way they clean themselves… Everything is totally adorable about hamsters! Okay so you can’t really hug them like you can hug cats or dogs. However, if you find one that doesn’t pee or poop on your hand when you hold them, you’re golden!

Shift and Enter the hamsters

So I went to the pet store and chose these two little furballs. I named them Shift and Enter; with no special reason other than that I was trying out some names and combinations and these were the ones I liked. I immediately discovered that Shift (the left one) was the born escapeologist while Enter (the right on and the one pictured in the first picture) was more mellow and liked attention (and food). I soon discovered that having two hamster was going to be a real hassle. First they were disagreeing about the exercise wheel. Usually Shift ended up the sucker because Enter was bigger (fatter). I got a second wheel and it went okay for a while. After a few months or so they just didn’t get along at all, constantly fighting, and I bought a second cage so that they could be separated.

Sleepy and grumpy hamster

What completely amazed me is that these little guys could have these complete different personalities. Shift was the most distant, didn’t really like being picked up and loved roaming through the tube system (and escaped a few times). Enter was way more social, didn’t bite and only pooped rarely in my hand. When these two died (one quite shortly after the other, I wonder if it is coincidence) I waited for a short while, not sure if I wanted another one. Still, when I stepped into the pet store I made up my mind really quickly, even though there was only one left. I named her Bacon (I was going for Jason Stathamster, but that was a bit too long, so I named her after the character he played in “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”) and she was such a sweetheart!

My sweetest hamster Bacon

She loved all the attention I could give her. If I would pick her up she would be completely relaxed (so no pooping!) I could let her roam freely in my room, because when she was done exploring she went back to her cage to sleep all on her own! Even my mom completely adored her, and she was the one who first didn’t really see the appeal of hamsters as a pet. And when she passed away this summer it really hurt. More so than when I lost the other two because Bacon and I really had a bond. I haven’t gotten a new one, because they simply don’t live that long and I can’t imagine losing one every 1-2 years.

I didn’t mean this to be a sad post, because I really loved having a little life in my room everytime I came home. I guess what I really wanted to share is that it doesn’t matter how big or how small, everything can have a meaning in your life. Even if it may seem silly to someone else. So treasure what joys you have in life.

  1. Zuzu said:

    Get a guinea pig. When my hamster died my parents upgraded the pet I had and got me a bigger one. It’s basically the same just bigger. And they are lovely and get really attached to people (mine was very happy every time she heard my mom park the car :P) and you get a bit more time with them. They squeak pretty loud though.
    My flatmate had 2 hamster in the time I lived with her when I was at uni and it was funny cos they both had completely different personalities. One was lovely, the other was this butch dude that one day started to disassemble his cage. I am not even kidding.

    • katlix said:

      I don’t know, I don’t like guinea pigs that much because they aren’t as soft, need a big cage and the squeaking is so annoying! 😛 I had a friend who had one and it scared the crap out of me everytime it squeaked 😛 I did think about gerbils, but they need terrariums instead of a cage.

      No at this point I’m just waiting until I can move out of my student dorm and I will get a cat. Maybe two 😛

  2. theancientmuse said:

    After we found an octodon (a bigger kind of rondent) and addopted him i become a big fan of them. They are such players and so cute:) Love these pictures. As momo is not here now it brings back the fun:)

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