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I am so in love with the colour combinations of CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black/key). It dates back to the days that I first started out tinkering with photoshop and graphic designs. I mainly kept busy making signatures (images below someone’s post in a forum). There would usually be trends that came and went. One of them was the CMYK colour combination trend and it definitely stuck! For me these colours will always look hip and retro. So it’s no surprise that they keep sneaking into my  designs.

To prepare for a christmas fair I had all kinds of ideas in my head for what I could offer. Sure, I could always offer what I already have, but making something new is so much more exciting. Plus, I can immediately test out if people like it. Now I’m sure my family means well, and I like getting compliments from them, but hearing thoughts from strangers about my designs is a lot more satisfying. One of the designs I’ve thought up was a simple notebook, with graphic design elements. I wanted it to look funky and retro and wanted to do something subtle in the inside instead of just making a fancy cover. I headed over to photoshop and created a pattern which I printed out in the CMYK colours.

Printed colourful patterns

I was pretty pleased with the result. The pattern naturally forms lined paper, perfect for writing on. And if someone wants to draw or scribble, they can also do this on the blank pages, as I only printed everything out on one side. Now I had to start thinking about the cover. I needed something sturdier and eyecatching and it had to go with the paper inside. I immediately thought of my Hahnemühle tracing paper which I use to sketch out my geometric designs. The paper is sturdy enough and sheer which gives awesome results when printed on.

Hahnemühle tracing paper makes for great effects when printed.

This part was a bit tricky because I had to think about what the printed pattern would look when wrapped around the notebook. They are of A6 size, so only a quarter of the printed paper would be viewable from one size. I probably could have made a design and then mirrored it two times, but I am someone who first does the hard/tedious way a couple of times before I figure out I’m an idiot and I could have done it a lot simpler 😛 I printed out the pattern I already had and some other designs.

Blending in

The different kinds of paper and colours blend in perfectly together.

Bundling everything up

Bundling everything up.

The sheer paper has such an awesome effect when combined with the other patterned papers beneath it. With magenta and cyan I immediately think of anaglyph 3D images you have to look at with the red and blue glasses. Very pleased with the result so far! Now to finish it up. The scary part…

Oh well, that wasn’t so scary!

I gave them a simple finish with some red thread and they are ready to be sold in packs of three.

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Pumped up kicks

Ferris Wheel print by oohprettyshiney | No risk no fun by OipsStore | Pow comic blast ring by ShebboDesign | Vintage running sneakers by SoYesterdaySoCool

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To stay on the topic of music as a muse, for this week’s monday moodboard I have been inspired by the song Pumped up kicks by Foster The People. It’s a super catchy song with a happy melody, though with a text that has a serious and dark undertone. I wanted to use this contrast in my treasury as well: of the carefree and fun aspects of youth as well as some darker aspects with the guns and bullets.

The photo print by Laura from oohprettyshiney was perfect for my idea. I’m in love with carnival pictures and she has quite a few lovely examples in her store. For me carnivals have something old-fashioned, and should stay that way and not try to modernize too much. In a carousel I would choose old wooden horses over brightly coloured plastic random objects any time.

The “No Risk No Fun” print by Oldamik from OipsStore really captures the recklessness of being young and stupid and having fun. It’s very simple and minimalistic, but holds a strong message. It fits in very nicely with my theme of the day.

These rings by Sebnem from ShebboDesign are so cute and funny! I could repeat an infinite amount of times how much I love them! And her store has even more quirky and funny handpainted stuff. It was very hard to choose, but these are my favourite.

It’s amazing how good a condition the running shoes from Sirli’s vintage shop SoYesterdaySoCool are in. How cool is it that she found such an old and unused pair of shoes! And the style is truly timeless. Unfortunately they are slightly too large a size for me, otherwise they would definitely be on my wishlist.

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I don’t know about you guys, but music has always been a great source of inspiration for me. I have used it for writing short stories, creating art and even for the making of treasuries on Etsy. There is something very powerful in the way music can set the mood and influence your mood. When I’m swimming (I have an mp3 player for underwater) or riding my bicycle I love fast paced music and it makes me go even faster.

When creating artwork though, I tend to pick one song and play it over and over again to hold onto the atmosphere. This can go on for hours at a time (and usually when I am done I am sick of the song for a short while). As with sport acitivities it motivates me to keep going. I thought I’d make a little quiz for this week, to see if you can find out which artwork was inspired by which song. I am combining it with a giveaway to make it extra exciting.

– The contest is open to everyone
– Below are 6 songs and 6 artworks, try to figure out which song has inspired which artwork. I have put in links to youtube so you can listen to the song if you don’t know it.
– Only one entry per person, your first answer counts.
– You have to be a follower of my blog, either through bloglovin’ or by signing in to follow the blog through email. Please mention you’ve done so in your comment.
– You can share this giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, your blog or anywhere else, but it will not get you extra entries.
Deadline is December 1st, at 23:59 GMT + 1. The winner will be drawn randomly from the correct answers the next day and posted in my sunday tea story of December 2nd.
– If noone guesses everything correctly I will select the winner from the contestants with the most correct answers.

On December 1st I’m going to sell my products in BoxXshop, a 180 minute christmas market full of handmade goodies and gift ideas. I am using this event as an opportunity to introduce a new line of products (stamps, notebooks and wrapping paper) as well as a new line of fancy bookmarks and framed prints. The winner of this giveaway will get a sample set of my new products! The winner will receive a notebook, a bookmark and a stationary set.

The songs:

1 – Black Strobe – I’m a man
2 – Muse – Knights of Cydonia
3 – Björk – It’s oh so quiet
4 – DJ Okawari – Bluebird story
5 – Clint Mansell – Lux Aeterna
6 – Mando Diao – Gloria

The artworks:

Evolution of nature

A – Evolution of nature

The Rainbow Samurai

B – The Rainbow Samurai

Heaven is just a drop away

C – Heaven is just a drop away


D – Amphitrite


E – Gloria

Anger Screams

F – Anger Screams

Checking in from not always sunny but at least a lot warmer Mallorca! My mom, sister and I arrived yesterday morning and have already done a ton of things for our girls-mini-vacation. We explored the town we’re staying in. Which was kind of creepy because the place is deserted! It’s pretty clear we are staying at party central, because almost everything was closed. It must be obnoxioulsy busy during the high season. It’s so weird to walk around this place and hardly see a soul on the streets.


The seagulls didn’t seem to mind the absence of tourists.

Then after that we went to do an important activity: shopping! There is a nice outlet with designer brands. The wares are still a bit pricey but I’ve bought a few amazing items for good prices. There is some more shopping to do tomorrow (like I said, a very important actiivity on our girl-mini-vacations), but for now I would like to talk about what we did today. We took the rented car and drove around the coast line. It was absolutely amazing! I can only imagine how much fun my boyfriend would have with all those curved roads 😛

Spanish villa

But back to the sight-seeing! The views were absolutely amazing and the water has such a beautiful colour. Now usually I would bring my DSLR with me on trips because I know I like making pictures and will always kick myself in the head when I don’t bring my camera with me but want to capture something. So I drag that thing around with me even though it’s heavy and I usually don’t have a lot of time for picture taking (because the most important activity is shopping). This time however I decided to rely on my phone camera. When my cell phone subscription ended I got to choose a new phone with a new subscription. I researched a lot of possibilities, but eventually decided the Sony Xperia S because of the camera function. What I really love about this phone is that I can acitvate my camera function with one push on a button. The camera itself is pretty good as well for a point-and-shoot (of course the quality will never be as good as that of a DSLR) and it’s just easy to take with me and take it out.


My mom and sister stealing olives from someone’s garden. Karma got them because they were very bitter and yuckie according to my sister 😛

It turns on very quickly and aside from not having an optical zoom it perfoms rather well. There were a few moments on this trip in which a DSLR would have been a lot better since the lighting, colours and zoom would be better. But at least two of those three can be fixed in photoshop and I never post unedited pictures anyway. So in the end it’s no extra hassle.


The sky is fifty shades of grey (sorry, couldn’t resist it) but the sea is blue.

What I’m left with is more space and weight allowance in my suitcase and decent holiday shots. Would the focus of the vacation be on sight seeing and hiking I would have probably preferred my DSLR for its quality and the ability to play a bit more. But for quick and easy picture taking to save some momentums the phone camera was more than adequate. All the pictures of todays blog posts are made with my camera on this trip and are completely unedited.

A bear walks into a forest...

Blue bird photo by alekaki | Rabbit on porcelain mug by madrab | Willow tree bunny by ILaBoom | Mr Fox plushie by PocketsOfArt

I know, with this moodboard the title doesn’t make much sense! But if you click on the image it will take you to the treasury where the title does make sense! It was inspired by the illustration of the bear with an owl on his head. I wanted a more calm treasury this time, but of course I can’t resist little illustrated details.

Calm is the exact embodiement of the photograph by Aleka. In her shop she has lots of nature photography to choose from, but this one is my favourite. It’s very simple and delicate, but beautiful nonetheless. Less is more as they say, and it certainly holds true for this photograph.

Have you ever read the book or seen the animated film “Watership Down” by Douglas Adams? I absolutely adore the book and I’ve read it many times as well as the sequel with short stories. This mug immediately reminds me of this beautiful tale. I cannot believe this is directly painted on the mug! I’ve experimented with painting/drawing on ceramics and it’s such a pain in the ass. So I cannot believe the amount of detail Mara is able to achieve. Please check out the rest of her store for more fantastic artwork.

Tatiana is a shadow box making star! She has so many different kinds of dioramas in her shop that it’s truly a treat to go through them all. I love how most of them have these funny captions or short story banners. Together they make a wonderful collection of curiosities.

Kate and Tori make and sell all kinds of things, from jewelry to decor and from vintage to toys. My favourite shop section however is their collection of plushies. They are just too adorable. And how can you but not adore the graphical elements they’ve made with hand stitching! I’m in love…

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I can be a stubborn person. I can also be pretty impulsive and not always think things through. A combination of these two character traits have led to some (in hindsight) pretty hilarious incidents. Everyone has buyer’s remorse once in a while. I have a few of my own. Denim boots (they seemed so great, until I realised that denim boots do not mix well with jeans), gold pants (not even “in your face”-gold, more like a golden shine on dark blue jeans), fake fur coat (though admittedly, I looked friggin’ adorable) etc.. But the situation I have in mind is something else entirely.


Yup, so here’s me, looking like a teddy bear.

My mom, my sister and I take city trips together. Short little vacations that usually consist of culture, shopping, relaxing or a combination of those things. But usually lots of shopping. The trip I have in mind took place in Brussels. We were staying in a 5-star hotel in a small town outside of Brussels that was supposed to have this wellness area. When we arrived the area and the hotel looked absolutely gorgeous. The wellness area… did have some resemblence with the pictures and looked very fancy, except… it was so tiny! The pool was so small that it was crowded with three people in it. With a few strokes you’d already be at the other side.

Tiniest pool ever

What’s this, a pool for ants?

So instead of combining shopping with wellness, we combined shopping with shopping. The first day I had seen a beautiful bag and I was already kicking myself for not buying it, so the second day of shopping I bought it. I also bought a pair of ankle boots. I was a bit in a hurry because my mom and sister were waiting for me. So I only tried one shoe on it was the display shoe) and was satisfied so I grabbed a box of a pair in my size with a quick check that both the boots were in there.

That however was all I checked. Big mistake.

When I came home I wanted to try them on to see how they looked with an outfit and I found out my mistake. I had a pair of shoes in different sizes. The right one was my size, 37, the left one however was size 36! I facepalmed myself so hard at that moment of discovery… But like I said, I am really stubborn. No way I’m going to let this pair just rot away! So bravely I put them on anyway because I could get the smaller one on. No problem, right? No one is going to notice it, right?

Oh yes, someone noticed. I noticed it big time.

While I’m used to buying shoes that are more suitable for admiring and sitting instead of walking, this was something else entirely. My left foot was so incredibly cramped in the boot that I was in terrible pain after a mere 15 minutes. I was ready to chew my foot off. But I remained stubborn and kept wearing them for when I had to go to class so I knew I’d mostly be sitting anyway. Over time the left boot stretched and though it was still a bit tighter than the other one, but thankfully not so painful anymore. My stubbornness paid off, sort of.

Now the soles of both shoes have cracked and I discovered that while walking through the rain. Of course I’m still going to wear them. I like the design way too much! I’ll just have to check the weather forecast and avoid puddles.