Monday Mood Board – Colour blocks

Silver twig studs by afewellery | Zig zag post earrings by LAccentNou | Dung beetle & piggy by puikeprent | Ice cream earrings by PetitPlat

For this week I was inspired by UPPERCASE Magazine. Last saturday I attended Hello Etsy, which was amazing in itself. The first session was a great peek into the life of Janine Vangool, a designer, writer and publisher. She shared stories of her work and how she got where she is today. In our goodybag we all received the latest issue. This morning I flipped through it (I haven’t found the time yet to read it) and immediately felt inspired by the theme. The content was just so colourful that it immediately brightened my day.

It is also a continuation of my effort of these past few weeks to offer something different than clean treasuries with all white backgrounds. I say: Down with white! Of course it has its place and a white on white treasury can look really cool and fancy. But the expectation that only treasuries with white backgrounds should end up on the frontpage has got to go! I think it’s a bit silly that a website that brings together hundreds of thousands of creative people has such a clear unofficial mandate as to how listings should look.

The most important thing to remember is that you have to figure out what backgrounds fit with your products, not how they fit in with the rest of Etsy. Unfortunately I hear sellers who want to take exciting pictures of their listings, but the ones with white backgrounds still get chosen more often for treasuries. So at least try to mix it up a bit: some classic whites, a few with a more rustic and darker look and play around with props. It will make your shop look more interesting and will keep the buyer’s eye busy looking around.

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  1. oh, those twig studs! They are so very delicate!

    Thank you for some hint on treasury making. I actually love the moody and darker backgrounds too and I guess that some items like crystal jewelry and light colored items look much better on darker or colorful background. But sometimes it’s really hard to get fit with them, especially if it is about the team treasury, for example… So I usually try to use as light background as possible.

  2. I like colorful backgrounds too, they are more “alive” than plain white ones but it really is tricky balancing everything and making your item pop.

    • katlix said:

      So true! But that’s why I said it’s important to make your background fit your product 🙂

      And above all: practice makes perfect! Nobody gets good pictures on the first try. Even for photographers. Product photography is something you need to learn through trial and error.

  3. This look so great Aljona! I like this color combination! I will maybe try to make an outfit out of it :p, it will be a little bit hard with the shade of pink !

  4. foldi said:

    Great finds (with great backgrounds)!

  5. Freja said:

    A new trend huh:) I like artistic pictures…no matter of the background. And I think variety is good- different colors, products and compositions in one shop. Unfortunately it is true that for most people white and black is the easiest for treasuries…Your picks are great and very well illustrate your idea! I think you are one step ahead:)

  6. I’ve been on Hello Etsy TOO! It’s a pity we didn’t meet!
    Thank you for your pick!

    • katlix said:

      Aww, too bad we missed eachother! But there were a lot of people there, so it’s not a big surprise 😛

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