Monday Moodboard – In the twilight

In the twilight

Screenprinted oblong scarf by Birribe | Snowflake hat by LikeFreja | Winter photograph by OverTheRainbowPrints | Shell earrings by Rokdarbi

For this week my inspiration came from the mornings. I’m staying at my parents right now to take care of the cat while they are hanging out in Milan. To go the office I need to leave almost an hour earlier than usual. It’s so surreal to walk out of the door to find it is basically still night time! And yet it has its own beauty. I stepped out of the door this morning and it was raining very slightly. I was almost at my tram stop when the wind started blowing and yellow leaves started falling down in spirals. The tree and the leaves were lighted by the yellow street lights and in the distance I saw the sun was struggling to break through the clouds. It was pure magic!

My picks for this week thus are pretty dark. Usually I prefer light backgrounds for product pictures because they tend to highlight the items better and are calmer to browse through in a shop. However, if done correctly a dark background can be absolutely gorgeous and chique.

Though other products are photographed slightly lighter, everything in Birribe’s shop has a grey background. And it fits so well. I don’t think a white background could do her products any good. Her products are either all natural or nature inspired and the grey backrounds keep it natural and rustic looking.

Some might recognise this hat by LikeFreja since I’ve used this item for the making of the banner tutorial last week. I chose another picture of the listing for this moodboard because I thought it fitted better, but honestly both are great. It has a real winter feel to it, and not just because of the woolly hat. I could definitely use one right now as every day it’s getting colder and colder…

Speaking of the cold, some nights it even hits a tad below the freeze point! I do love the effect of frost on plants and trees though! It makes the mornings a bit magical. OverTheRainbowPrints really managed to capture this subtle coating. It almost looks sugary actually. It’s a great close-up.

While these are shell earrings, they still look great for fall. The dried seeds kind of look like acorns and they combine really great with the white shells. I really love this cute little pair from Rokdarbi and they look great hanging from that branch. The small detailling of how the seeds are tied to each other with the brown silk cord really show the craftsmanship of the maker.

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  1. Freja said:

    wow! I can definitely feel the mood and see you walking in the dark autumn morning…thank you and kiss the cat:)

    • katlix said:

      Unfortunately the cat doesn’t really like being kissed or hugged… But she’s warming up to me! I think she realises by now that I’m the only one around to give her any kind of attention 😛

  2. EfZin said:

    i love it!!!!

  3. pulguinhasbeads said:


  4. love your picks! I like the darker backgrounds too but you do need an eye for it, it’s very easy for the photo to go wrong!

  5. Misluo said:

    Great collection! Love the twilight theme!

  6. Thank you so much Aljona for the fature. The early mornings truly are magical, but I prefer to sleep as long as possible :))

    • katlix said:

      Me as well! But I have no other choice these days… Just a few weeks more and I can sleep like a baby…

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