Sunday Tea Story – Business Cat

This is a new category on my blog that I am really excited about. Every sunday I would like to tell a sweet and short-ish story from my life. Something personal. I used to love writing, I wrote short stories, I was a member of the school news paper and I even organized writing contests. These days, even though I study Literature, I can’t really write for myself. The papers I have to write are really tedious and within set structures that I don’t enjoy it anymore. So here’s to change!

Mr Cat is Going to Work

The first subject I really want to talk about is my “buddy” Zyzanna. We partnered up in anticipation of the holidays to motivate and help each other to get our shops ready in time. However, in addition to sharing about our dream printers and our to-do-lists, we’ve also started talking about a lot of other stuff as well. One of which is that she really liked my “Communist cats also ventured into space” print and that I really liked her “Mr cat is going to the office” print. So I offered an exchange, and she happily agreed!

I cannot emphasise enough how much I like this illustration! It simply contains a certain amount of “cat-ness” that I can’t really explain. I guess it’s the derpy expression in combination with the glasses. And that tie totally reminded me of the business cat meme.

My package arrived pretty quickly and it contained all kinds of fabulousness! First of all: Zyzanna really knows how to throw swag in a package and pamper her customers. There was just so many! And this is pretty much how it looks all the time! (I seriously need to step up my game, and I’m working on it) Second of all: I almost like the geometric wave print as much as the cat print (almost!) I’m a print and texture geek and this is just totally up my alley.

But then that wasn’t it. I also got an adorable tiny booklet, cards she had left over from graduation presentation and a pretty business card. The last should not be underestimated by sellers. Business cards can be seen as tiny pieces of art that you can use to impress your customer. I always save a pretty business card and because of it the shop lingers longer in my memory.

If you want to participate in a cool swap as well take a look at We Swap! You can offer an item of your own for a swap and then describe what kind of item you would like to recieve in return. You can also take a look at all the open swaps stil going on. The blog is managed by a group of passionate Etsy sellers. Take a look:

We Swap!

  1. Ruusu said:

    Great post! I love the art of both you. That “Mr cat is going to the office” is fantastic! 🙂 My favorite too.

  2. Zyzanna said:

    Yay! Whooo! 😀 Awesomeness! 🙂

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