Monday Moodboard

Sovjet vintage pepper mill from TasteVintage | Tribal bone statement necklace from StaroftheEast | Birch tree brooch from Zyzanna | Iron vintage keys from Artstock

This week my moodboard was inspired by the pepper mill from TasteVintage which was wonderfully photographed by Vita. Usually these dark photographs don’t do so well on Etsy. However, in this picture there is a beautiful scene, a hint of colour, great composition and everything just works really well together. It’s a perfect example of how you can use props in your product photography. And for me it inspired a whole treasury in which I wanted to capture and display the mood this picture radiates.

Though kind of spooky, the bone necklace from StaroftheEast fits right in. It looks very raw and primitive, but not without amazing detail and sophistication. This is what I would imagine a strong and wilfull princess would have worn thousands of years ago. I just love how the real vertebra bone has been incorporated into the necklace!

Though the birch tree brooch from Zyzanna has a modern design to it with its teeny tiny detailed graphics, it instantly reminded me of something my mother or grandmother could have worn. Brooches are going through a small revival, but it is still very rare to see someone spruce up their outfit with a small treasure like this. And it’s a real shame if you ask me. The world has already gotten used to statement jewelry, so why not a sweet but eye-catching addition to your blouse?

The five vintage keys from Artstock could have not possibly been omitted from this moodboard. And Anca, the shopowner, actually has beautiful examples of how these little treasures can be used in her other shop MedievelJourney in which she sells beautiful journals. From pure decorations to ingenious methods to close the books, keys without a lock can truly have versatile uses.

Find more monday moodboards on Star of the East Blog.

  1. EfZin said:

    amazing!!!! I love it 🙂

  2. bluebell said:

    Wow. Fascinating finds and I LOVE your explanations of why you chose them.

    • katlix said:

      Thank you bluebell 🙂 It’s why I love the monday moodboards: an opportunity to highlight the things you like and explain why you like them, why you chose them and maybe even explain why they fit into your day/week.

  3. Vita said:

    I am really honored to be included in your moodboard and being your source of inspiration – thank you so much:)

  4. great picks! I do like it when photos can be successful without the white background, it takes talent and a good eye to pull it off 🙂

  5. Beautiful mood and I like your little writing about each peice too Aljona.

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