Monday Moodboard

Midnight Rich

English cut beads from LucieTalesVintage | Blue ceramic soap dish from Azulado | Peacock clutch bag from BagNoir | Gold blue earrings from SilentRoses

This moodboard was inspired by the rich dark blue colour I found in the ceramic dish from Azulado. It has such a sophisticated colour I immediately knew I could draw inspiration from it. It would be a wonderful and original gift under the tree.

The earrings from SilentRoses are the perfect christmas accessory in my opinion. They are not too flasy, not too subtle: they stand out in their own way. They could go perfectly with various outfits and hairstyles.

The English cut beads from LucieTalesVintage have an amazing range of colour and shine. I however would not use them to make jewelry pieces, but instead use them as embellishment to brighten and fancy up a shirt or a dress. Can’t you just imagine a beautiful neckline featuring these little treasures?

And of course to complete the outfit there is the lovely clutch from BagNoir. It looks impeccably made with care to small details.

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  1. Awesome selection! Indeed these antique blue metallic beads would be gorgeous sewn on a neckline, fabulous idea!
    Thank you for the feature Aljona 😀

  2. Misluo said:

    Amazing finds! The earrings are gorgeous!

  3. Baghy said:

    Wow, splendid moodboard, so classy and elegant!

  4. ollina said:

    Elegant and charmig! I love it!

  5. Ruby said:

    This is pretty Aljona. Love the blue

  6. I love that deep blue color and it goes so well with just a touch of gold 🙂

  7. EfZin said:

    amazing color and picks 🙂

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