Zagreb, baby!


It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally set the first step of starting my own blog in which I can document my inspiration and process. I am immediately starting by setting a goal for myself: Try to think up of at least one design idea every day or start/finish an artwork during my vacation in Croatia and Bosnia. Luckily for me I at least have internet on the first part of the journey: Zagreb.


The trip did not have the best start. My bf and I were traveling together and the first set back was that we weren’t seated together in the train. A minor thing, but a bit of a hassle. Then at the airport we find out that apparently we didn’t declare in advance that we had luggage! Such nonsense, because I’m sure I added a piece of luggage for both of us. So now we had to pay extra. Then when getting closer to Zagreb there was a lot of turbulence and it was kind of scary. We landed fine ofcourse, but the weather was atrocious! It was raining so hard, with strong winds and even hail. We took a cab to the hotel (a bit more expensive than a bus, but much more comfortable) and then had to wait for the weather to calm down a bit so we could grab a bite.


From that point onward the vacation took a positive turn because the restaurant we chose was amazing! It was a half hour walk from the hotel and easy to find. We sat comfortably on the terras under an overhang and ate big platters of amazing food. Sitting there enjoying myself I first started thinking about the goal I had set for myself. I was pretty tired so no ideas would pop up. When we left though we were served to an amazing view of the Zagreb cathedral in the early evening, with just enough light. I quickly snapped a picture and already new I had to use it as a reference for an illustration. 



Beautiful isn’t it? I want to play a little with the lighting and colours. I’m thinking of a watercolour, but a digital illustration would also most definitely work. 

In Dutch we have a saying that translates to this: “A good start is half the work” 

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  1. Aljona, enjoy your holidays. I am sure there will be loads of inspiration on your journey.

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